1944 M24 Chaffee Light Tank -

Was first to arrive in our workshop and Phase One of the restoration was completed in March 2019. It currently resides at the Tank Museum, Bovington where it is being tested for faults before returning to us for Phase Two.  

 - 1942 Stuart M3A1 Light Tank

Previously it was fully restored by Gavin Barlow at RR Motor Services in 2015. This is one of a few completely operational Stuart's in the world. It arrived in early October 2017 for minor repairs, fit new parts, and convert the guns to simulate firing. This is now a regular display vehicle at The Tank Museum, Bovington.

 - 1944 M10 Ammunition Trailer

Arrived in September 2018 for a full restoration from the Wheatcroft Collection. We hope to make this the starting point for many more restoration projects in the future. This project was completed in December 2019. 

1935 Vickers Light MkIV -

Arrived in Dec 2016 for a nut & bolt rebuild to running/driving condition ready for Tankfest 2017.  It's now the oldest running tracked armour at the Tank Museum. This vehicle also earned us the MILWEB award at the War & Peace Revival 2017 for the "Most Outstanding Military Vehicle". The finished vehicle can be seen on display at The Tank Museum, Bovington.

1943 Sherman M4A4 -

This extremely rare Sherman has recently been added to our portfolio by a regular customer. After recently rebuilding the Chrylser Multibank engine and gearbox, it attended the XXX Corps Operation Market Garden rally in September 2019. It is currently back in our workshop for further works and to carry out some engine repairs before returning to it's owner.     

Armoured Train Wagon Replica - 


We have been tasked with the research, development, and building of a new replica armoured train wagon for a local minature railway - the Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway. It was built in 1939 in readiness for a potential invasion during WW2. We have spent many hours sourcing original photos and stories to build a full picture of exactly what it sohuld look & function like. This has enabled us to create a full 3D model using CAD, along with a set of technical drawings. We are currently at a natural pause and hope to continue this project in the near future. 

 - 25 Pr Field Gun


This field gun came in for a full overhaul so the owner could fire it at the Combined Ops Show 2018. It was successfully displayed on both show days firing 14 blank rounds over the weekend alone. This now resides with the FRS Collection, Kent. 

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